Best Plant Nursery Garden Centre in Craigieburn, Australia

Nature is waiting for you. Are you ready?

We have been helping Victorians grow great gardens for years, continuously adding to our product stable and improving our services. From the moment you walk into our Plant Nursery Garden Centre, we guarantee that you will be treated as a member of our Shady Gum family. And we don’t believe in taking shortcuts to maximise our profits. Everything we do is purposeful and our purpose is to create beauty.

Our greater goal is to bring nature closer to you and help you create a beautiful space where you can rest, relax and simply be yourself.



Don’t stress yourself over prettying up that Garden. We promise to make it “Perfect” for you!


We believe there’s something for everyone at Shady Gum. We have got just the right product for you.


Greener Lives means happier lives. Some metros have a ratio of four men to one tree! We help reduce this disdainful ratio bit by bit.

Shopping Destination for ‘Gardenistas’

Looking for Best Plant Nursery Garden Centre and garden supplies, furniture or decorative items to take your garden from ho-hum to WOW? Then Shady Gum is the perfect place for you! Shop for products and supplies you need and if you have any questions or concerns, our helpful staff will be more than happy to help you. Our product stable includes more than 600 products to suit every garden and make every gardener’s thumbs green with joy!


We offer a broad range of artificial turf (synthetic grass) that gives you the freedom to create a gorgeous and relaxing outdoor space that is super-easy to maintain, looks completely natural and does not break the bank!

Indoor plants & pots

Bring nature indoors and add vibrant, life-like colour to your living spaces with the indoor plants, planters and pots brought to you by Shady Gum.

Gardening advice

Shady Gum’s stable of gardening experts have years of experience and can guide you with every aspect of your gardening needs. Talk to our advisors today for amazing ideas on how to choose the best plants for your garden, how to care for them and how to design your outdoor space to best reflect your personal style.


If you’re looking for furniture that can enhance your outdoor spaces and turn your garden into an oasis of calm, then you’re in the right place! Shady Gum offers a huge variety of high-quality garden furniture to suit every outdoor space, budget, and mood.

Outdoor plants & pots

Beautify your garden and make it a space for rest, relaxation and enjoyment with Shady Gum’s colourful and eye-catching collection of outdoor plants, pots and planters. Materials, shapes, sizes and plant types – we have a pot to suit everyone!


Discover Shady Gum’s range of fertilisers and plant food that can help your beloved plants grow to their full, natural potential.


Looking for unique décor items that can elevate your garden to a gorgeous piece of art? For ideas on how to give your outdoor space a creative and unique touch that will have your neighbours ‘green’ with envy, drop in!


Are you looking for a unique present to thank a talented gardener for their efforts to bring nature closer to home? Shady Gum’s collection of distinctive gift items includes everything from scented candles and handmade soaps to decorative items for the garden that will wow your green-fingered friend and make them your fan for life!

Why choose us

We confess that we are not in the straightforward business of ‘Plant Nursery Garden’. We don’t just sell plants and garden supplies to help you set up your garden. And we definitely don’t believe that a home’s garden should be treated as an after-thought.

At Shady Gum, our goal is to create beautiful outdoor spaces where gorgeous plants thrive and can make a house a home. Our enthusiasm and love for all things gardening will be obvious to you the moment you walk in our doors. And our passionate green-thumbed experts can talk about our huge range of plants, pots, fertilisers, décor items, and garden furniture all day! To know how we can help transform your place into your own cosy little Garden of Eden, talk to us today!

Our mission

At Shady Gum, our mission is to inspire you with our passion for gardening and green living, and help you create a beautiful garden that’s absolutely and uniquely YOU.