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If the price of Natural lawns is what is keeping you from redoing your porch, synthetic grass is what you have been looking for. One of the key benefits of using synthetic over Natural is upkeep or maintenance. Synthetic grass is easy to use, is almost unaffected by the weather and a boon in terms of water saving. The beauty of a great lawn is in the calmness the green lawns bring to you as you peek from the window. You can reap the benefits of this look, without burning a hole through your pocket.

Synthetic grass allows you to create beautiful looking outdoor spaces in a more feasible and manageable way while maintaining the aesthetics of a natural grass look. We have been consistently supplying high-quality turf to Victoria’s homeowners, landscaping, golf courses, sports fields and home gardeners. The beauty of the synthetic turf is that it can be customized as the need of the customer. Thus creating a unique look for every lawn, landscape or garden that we work with. Our team of turf experts take up their job with high tenacity, we take keen on trying creating the right lawn look for the right client.

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Still confused if our artificial turf is the right choice for you?

These 7 reasons are sure to ease your concerns!

  1. Country specialists From the people, for the people. Our very own, Australian make synthetic grass is more suitable considering it is made keeping in mind the preferences of the Australian market.
  2. Expertise We take pride in our team of experts in the synthetic grass industry. We can assist and guide you all the way. Troubleshooting experts at your doorstep.
  3. On-demand solutions We can provide you with specific solutions for specific needs. We are experts in providing customized solutions to our clients. Thus no two lawns or projects are ever truly the same.
  4. Reliable partners We have tie-ups with an excellent team of contractors across the suburbs.
  5. Post sales service The credibility of any product or brand lies in the post-sales service, we take pride in ours.
  6. No Minimum order quantity We do not believe in forcing our customers to buy what they don’t truly need. Our customers are at their free will to buy anything form 1 to 100000
  7. Delivery services We offer flexible delivery services from Monday to Saturday, keeping in mind the comfort and availability of our customers.



Quality of grass

Gone are the days when scraggly, scrawny plastic looking artificial grass lowered the class/ look of the house. The advent of technology has given birth to various high-end solutions in the sector of synthetic grass. The newer fake turfs have an uncanny resemblance to natural looking lawns while being more durable.

Easy turf installation

The entire process of turf installation will be taken care of by our team of experts. Besides just the installation, we provide recommendations and tips on the right product for you, accessories included. Based on your requirement, we will customise the right turf for you.

Instant solution

The best part of the synthetic grass is that you can skip the ‘As you sow, so shall you reap part’. The fake lawns can be put together fairly quickly, without much hassle or issue. Instant gratification in terms of how it looks. Perfect lawns, freshly landscaped looked and a breath-taking view from your home or office window. Quick and easy for office settings.

The costs incurred for synthetic grass is quite pocket-friendly. In terms of the money or quality factor, the grass is high on quality while being extremely affordable to all sects of people. Be it office, start-ups or homes, we have the right offer that fits your budget. Customizable solutions make it easier for you to control the prices. Good post-sales services and overall quality is why you must opt for synthetic grass.

Do It Yourself - Its That Easy



Identifying the ground conditions and soil type of the patch of land you’re working on will help to determine how well it will drain, and in turn, the type of sand or stone aggregate that will need to be added. Making this assessment at an early stage is vital, as it will ultimately determine the extent of the work required.


After surveying the area, the next step is to remove any existing organics. For a standard base construction, you are required to remove the organics to a depth of 50mm, which will require the use of a turf cutter. The turf cutter will make light work of extracting the existing layer of natural turf, as well as any root materials underneath.


If the ground is made up of largely sand-based soils and therefore offers free drainage, a standard base construction comprising 50mm of sharp sand will be required. As a rough guide, this will usually require around 80kg of sharp sand per square metre. If, however, the soil conditions are more clay-based and drainage is restricted, it may be necessary to add an additional stone layer subbase. This will consist of a standard, type 1 stone, with a depth of 50-100mm.


With the sharp sand now laid, the surface needs to be compacted to create a stable base for the lawn. An electric compaction plate will do the job perfectly. If any creases are present however, a straight piece of timber is the only tool you should need to level the surface.