Global Warming: Here’s what you need to know

All of us are aware by now that global warming is increasing the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. The Earth is getting hotter and you and I are both feeling the heat!

The term ‘global warming’ refers to the continuing increase in average air and ocean temperature. Since the onset of the industrial revolution which led to the invention and adoption of machinery, the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide has been on the rise. These gases (particularly carbon dioxide) trap the heat in the atmosphere and act as a blanket that warms the planet. These gases are emitted when we burn fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas to generate electricity, power our vehicles and heat our homes.

YOU and ME are responsible for the increase in CO2 levels and therefore for global warming and its associated problems including pollution and the depletion in the ozone layer.

The other effects of global warming include rising sea levels, frequent extreme weather events such as heat waves and tsunamis, and the expansion of deserts. 

Carbon dioxide levels are increasing in the atmosphere

Since the 1950s, atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have been steadily increasing every year. In 2017, the CO2 level in the Earth’s atmosphere was 28% higher than in 1959.  In fact, scientists have detailed records of past CO2 levels from ice core studies which prove that CO2 levels are higher today than at any point in the last 800,000 years. 

Increased CO2 is the primary candidate of global warming

CO2 absorbs the heat reflected from the Earth’s surface – the heat that is otherwise supposed to pass freely into space. As the CO2 level increases in the atmosphere, the pace at which the Earth warms up also accelerates. The measurements from the last 40 years confirm that less heat is now escaping from the atmosphere, warming up the Earth’s surface to unbearable levels. This is where planting more greenery with Greenvale garden supplies can help!

What can we do about global warming?

There are several things that YOU and I can do to mitigate the effects of global warming:

  • Use renewable fuel such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and biofuels to power our homes and appliances
  • Push governments to do more to halt deforestation and soil degradation
  • Lower our fuel consumption by adjusting our thermostats and traveling fewer miles (or using public transport!)
  • Use more energy-efficient vehicles and appliances
  • Reduce our consumption of carbon footprint-heavy meat

And probably the best thing that almost anyone can do to contribute to making our planet greener is to PLANT MORE TREES. Shady Gum, Melbourne’s favorite source of Greenvale garden supplies has been helping Victorians create great gardens for years. If you are interested in doing your bit to reduce global warming, we can help! Drop in to know more!

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