5 Best Tips for Choosing the Best Plants from Garden Center
Tips for choosing best plants


It is important to know the difference between a healthy plant and a plant that may face a potential problem. When you visit your best local plant nursery, here are some tips that can help you choose healthy plants.

1- Select plants that grow in small size containers

Are you the one who skips the small pots for the bigger ones when you buy plants from the nursery or garden? Most of us do it. Believe us, in this case, bigger, is not always better. It is because smaller plants are easy to deal with and can easily be transplanted to new pots without much shock. They also grow quickly because a young plant does not have much top growth.

2- Look for healthy foliage

Leave is often the sign of a good or bad plant. You can avoid plants with brown and yellow leaves which tells you that the plant is under or overwatered. Also, look for small dots or spots which can indicate some disease and can be potentially harmful to your garden. Check for webs or leaves that are eaten. These indicate some insects that are damaging the plant.

3- Prefer plants that are grown locally

It is not easy for a human to adapt from a warm climate to a cold climate or vice versa. This also implies to plants. Imagine plants being grown in a humid warm climate are being transported to a cold environment. They need time to adapt to new conditions which is also known as ‘harden off’. Getting plants that are grown locally helps prevent these problems because plants have already acclimated to the environment.

4- Check the labels

Labels can help you give some interesting and important information. Check how tall the plant can grow. Whether you have enough space when this plant grows to its maximum or you have to prune it often. Also, check how much sunlight would the plant need so that you can avoid placing them in the wrong corner. Good labels will also have information about how much water a plant would need and even what insects or birds it can attract.

5- Avoid root-bound plants

Rootbound plants are plants those roots grow in the circle because they do not have space to move outside in search of water and nutrients. Roots of such plants are severely hampered. Also if you see some weeds growing in containers, then it is a sign that plant has been sitting in the nursery for too long. Roots of such plants usually grow from the drainage holes of the pot. It is not always possible to check for root-bound plants but we can always check for some signs.

So next time when you visit nurseries Melbourne northern suburbs for garden supplies Craigieburn, go through some of these basic tips and buy some healthy good looking plants which can grow in your garden with no remorse later. We are located near Roxburgh park garden center or just search for plant nursery near me to find us on google maps.