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Money Tree Plant Care

Best Guide for Money Plants Tree:  How to care for Devil’s Ivy


This plant is a must for your plant collection. Devil’s Ivy (money tree) has been in demand for decades now because it easy to grow and care. They grow very rapidly, which means that you can choose a wall and make it grow in the desired shape. It is easy to care and can be left alone for weeks without much care. Here are some tips for money tree plant care:

Money tree watering?

This plant does not need much water. You can water Devil’s Ivy when the soil is half dry during summer. During winter, you may water it when the soil is completely dry. So, the timing to water them will vary according to the weather. It can be once or twice a week in summer and twice a month during the cold winter. For this plant, it is always better to keep the soil on the drier side than keeping it wet.

What about the light?

This plant does not need much light. It will grow slower where light intensity is less. It will quickly adapt to different light intensities. Do not move Devil’s Ivy suddenly to a brighter location as it may easily burn its leaves. These plants are always in the shade in the forest, usually under a tree on the floor.

The type of soil

A soil that will help in proper draining and allows air to circulate is suitable for this plant. Therefore, a better drain mix soil, which will help to keep it dry, will help this plant to grow better. There are other substrates available in the market; however, for a start, you can try the above soil.

Do they like warm or cold months?

Devil’s Ivy likes warm weather. But during Melbourne, winter Devil’s Ivy may suffer. Therefore, it is better to keep them inside a room away from cold wind and rain. Keep watering at minimal during winter to keep the soil dry. Keeping it inside in a room from the beginning will help the plant to adapt to warmer and colder temperatures. During summer, place it under a saucer with some stones to maintain humidity and to keep them healthy.

What about the feed? Does it need fertilizer?

Devil’s ivy is not a heavy feeder, and avoiding feed will slow down the growth a bit. A liquid houseplant fertilizer is good. Follow directions in a package for the right amount of use.


This plant has got its name for a reason. Any part of this plant is dangerous if ingested by animals or humans. Keep it out of reach from pets and children who are likely to eat them unknowingly.

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