Liven Up Your Interiors with Living Green Walls: Shady Gum


Bring the vibrant outdoors inside with visually pleasing Living Green Walls from your favorite Greenvale plant nursery, Shady Gum! 

Also known as indoor living walls, indoor green walls, vertical gardens or ‘ecowalls’, a panel or an entire wall that is covered in fresh greenery and blooming plants creates a stunning living mural that effortlessly converts dull urban spaces into a visual delight.

A green wall system provides natural ‘air filtration’ which can reduce the carbon footprint of a home, infuse the air with oxygen and water vapor (humidity), and reduce air-borne particulate matter, all of which can purify the air and make a microclimate comfortable for the home’s inhabitants. And because plants absorb sunlight for photosynthesis, less energy is reflected as heat so your home will be cooler and more comfortable, even during hot summer days.  The greening of building surfaces also helps to reduce the urban heat island effect.

When we connect with nature – even inside our homes – our mood improves, we feel less fatigued, anxious or stressed, our focus and concentration are sharpened and our immune system becomes stronger. All of this promotes overall health (physical, mental and spiritual) that improves our performance and productivity in every area of our life. Those who are ill or have undergone medical procedures can experience reduced recovery times if they regularly interact with plants or spend time in a green environment.

When you and your family are surrounded by green wall plants, you will experience improved mental and physical health and feel more content and relaxed. It will also make your home more comforting, inviting and relaxing for visitors.

Another wonderful quality of living walls is their ability to reduce noise levels and improve unpleasant odors. Plants, soil, and air in vertical gardens are acoustic insulators that dampen and reduce noise – great for homes close to traffic, trains, factories or airports. Living walls increase sound absorption inside homes as well which allows for a more comfortable ambient noise level for residents. Studies have also shown that green walls can help remove some of the dust, gas and microbial components from the air that cause bad odors inside homes.

Naturally beautiful, these interior vertical gardens create an inspiring, healthy and comfortable indoor environment which ultimately promotes healthier, happier residents.

Green walls contain a large amount of greenery in a limited space, either horizontally or vertically. By using the walls and extending upwards, the plants are installed without reducing space on the floor. They are available in different styles and designs with a wide range of indoor plants that usually come with a self-watering mechanism (through a hidden hydroponic system).

Would you like to know more about indoor green walls: how they are installed, which plants will work best for your home and how they can benefit you and your family? Drop into your friendly neighborhood Greenvale plant nursery, Shady Gum. Our green-thumbed gardening experts will answer any question you may have!

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