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Shady Gum is your one-stop shop for all your lawn/gardening needs. We are experts in Natural lawns and keep our knowledge, trends and stocks updated. Our popular in-demand products include including buffalo, Kikuyu, native, zoysia or couch turf. We take pride in the range of service and products we offer. If you are looking for a gorgeous looking porch or office lawn/ turf set up, Shady Gum is the perfect partner.

We have a wide range of turfs and each of those are bestowed with their own set of strengths and qualities. Our team of experts will be keen on guiding you through these. We have been consistently supplying to Instant Turf to Victoria’s homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, racetracks, sports fields and home gardeners. Our long term experience in the field has enabled us to successfully grow a wide range of grass types that can fit the need of various setups. We can also help you with accessories/ products that go with it i.e. of fertilisers, spreaders, grass supplies, seed, turf chemicals and other turf-related products.

Our Natural Turf Range...


Soft Leaf Buffalo




Santa Ana Couch


Tall Fescue

Why Shady Gum is the right choice for you?


  • Trained and experienced staff that serve as trouble-shooters as well as advisories for new projects or maintenance.
  • Free over the phone consultation on how to prepare your site for installation
  • We have reliable and prompt laying contractors for all suburbs.
  • Delivery Monday to Saturday.
  • On time delivery with a window of not more than 2 hours and prior intimation to deliver.
  • Easy guidelines for turf preparation and laying
  • Our phone advisory service is available on an ongoing basis post-sale.

We take pride in what we do, and our biggest motivation is the love for the entire experience of creating beautiful landscapes. Our team of experts include our Senior Managers, Sales Team all of whom are highly keen on delivering a memorable experience for our clients.

Do It Yourself - Its That Easy



Identifying the ground conditions and soil type of the patch of land you’re working on will help to determine how well it will drain, and in turn, the type of sand or stone aggregate that will need to be added. Making this assessment at an early stage is vital, as it will ultimately determine the extent of the work required.


After surveying the area, the next step is to remove any existing organics. For a standard base construction, you are required to remove the organics to a depth of 50mm, which will require the use of a turf cutter. The turf cutter will make light work of extracting the existing layer of natural turf, as well as any root materials underneath.


We recommend you use Botanica lawn starter at one handful per square metre over the prepared area to help establish the root system of your new lawn.


Push each roll firmly together (without stretching), laying in a brickwork pattern. Ensure rolls that are laid down steep slopes are pegged to stop movement.
Trim the new lawn with a sharp knife around plants and edges.