Bird Nest Fern Asplenium Australasicum


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  • Size (Can grow to)  – 1mtr +
  • Growth Habit – Shruby/Arching Fronds
  • Position – Low Light
  • Watering – Low


The Birds Nest Fern is native to Australia and gets its name from the fact that the center of the plant resembles a birds nest. Birds Nests are identified by their flat, wavy or crinkly fronds, which unfurl as the grow and reach towards the sun.

As naturally epiphytic plants, they do not require a lot of soil. Mature plants can grow quite large and can easily tip pots over, so pick an oversized pot to make a statement piece of your Birds Nest Fern.

They prefer shady positions in your garden, group with other shade-loving ferns and plants to create a tropical feel.

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