Coprosma Pacific Sunset




Coprosma Pacific Sunset is a striking evergreen shrub with glossy leaves consisting of a bright red centre and dark brown margin. Ideal for adding contrast and texture to the garden.

Suitable for beds, borders, pots and containers. When mass planted, Pacific Sunset creates a striking visual impact. The colour is most intense during the warmer months of spring and autumn.

Prefers a full sun position in well drained soil. Prune regulary to maintain compact growth. Coprosma repens var. Pacific Sunset will grow to a height of 1m and a width of 1m.

Can grow up to 1m H x 1m W

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The colour images and descriptions provided in our website / social media pages are to be used as a guide only. Factors such as Australia's varied climatic conditions, seasons and soil type can affect overall growth & appearance. 

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Additional information


14cm, 17cm, 20cm

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