Dianella Tasmanica


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The Dianella Tasmanica (Tasman flax lily) grows naturally in the forests of Tasmania, Victoria and the NSW coast.

It’s tolerance for shade, moisture, and cooler temperatures make it a great choice for those wetter cooler locations that don’t suit some of the other dianellas. 

Often planted along roadways and street beds because it requires little to no maintenance.

It forms clumps of grass-like strappy leaves. It produces star shaped, lavender-blue to violet flowers which have a delicate nodding quality. 

The flowers are borne on branching panicles and are followed by persistent blue berries.

Tasmanica also tends to be highly salt tolerant making it a great choice in many coastal locations.

Can grow up to 1m H x 50cm W


The colour images and descriptions provided in our website / social media pages are to be used as a guide only. Factors such as Australia's varied climatic conditions, seasons and soil type can affect overall results

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