Gazania Mixed Colours 10cm


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Gazania is most commonly grown as an annual. They feature lovely showy flowers, which are large and brightly coloured, and in favourable climates they can be relied upon to flower over a long period. The species usually produce yellow or orange flowers,

Most Gazania species and cultivars are low-growing, near-evergreen, clump-forming or carpeting plants. They quickly develop into small clumps of narrow lance-shaped leaves that can be downy and lobed near the base, often with lighter coloured undersides. Their showy flowers, which appear throughout the warmer months, are large, brightly coloured, often interestingly marked, and the ray florets tend to be darker at the base, with a contrastingly coloured central disc.

Can grow up to 20-30cm H x 20-30cm W


The colour images and descriptions provided in our website / social media pages are to be used as a guide only. Factors such as Australia's varied climatic conditions, seasons and soil type can affect overall growth & appearance.

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