Geranium Lemon Rose




The Geranium Lemon Rose is a hardy, evergreen shrub with lemon-rose scented pink flowers. The leaves and the oil from the plant are used to promote relaxation, as an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and for it’s antiseptic properties. Geranium Lemon Rose can also used for culinary purposes.

Growing Tips

Plant in almost any well drained spot in the garden and does well in poor dry soils and exposed positions. Plant near paths for pleasant fragrance.


Add crushed leaves to cakes, biscuits, desserts, custard, jellies and jams. Add dried leaves to pot-pourri, sachets, sleep pillows and moth repelling mixes for cupboards. Add sprigs of leaves to your tea to add that mouth watering flavour.

Herb Attributes

HarvestHarvest when needed.
PositionPart to Full Sun

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Additional information

Additional information


10cm, 14cm

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