Lobelia Assorted 10cm


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Lobelia is a perennial plant that is often considered gowing as an annual in victoria. 

Delightful, fast-growing, neat and cascading annual with dark green foliage and masses of tiny flowers during the warmer months. Do not allow to dry out during the warmer months. Lobelia has moderate to high water requirements once established. Grow in a full sun to part shade area. 

Can grow upto 20cm H x 20cmw

Great to grow as Borders, Mass plantings, Hanging baskets, Vertical walls, Features in pots/containers, Annual displays, Border plants, Fillers, General landscaping. 


The colour images and descriptions provided in our website / social media pages are to be used as a guide only. Factors such as Australia's varied climatic conditions, seasons and soil type can affect overall growth & appearance.

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