Pelargonium Mixed


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Pelargonium grandiflorum is an erect and rather straggling herbaceous shrub. 

Pelargonium grandiflorum prefers drier conditions so don't over-water during summer. Allow the soil to dry out between soakings to prevent the roots rotting. They need regular feeding with liquid fertiliser during the flowering season, make sure soil is wet before fertilising other you can burn the roots.

Tend to be frost tender. In areas susceptible to frosts – cut back by a third and move plants into dry frost free conditions before the first frost. In frost-free areas the plants can be left outside and may continue to flower (although less prolifically) during winter. Prune by a third at the end of winter before the new growth get going.


The colour images and descriptions provided in our website / social media pages are to be used as a guide only. Factors such as Australia's varied climatic conditions, seasons and soil type can affect overall results

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