Rosemary Prostrate 14cm


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Rosemary Prostrate has white stemmed branches that twist and curl creating dense foliage coverage over the ground. The leaves are needle shaped, glossy and dark green. Their fragrance is of pine, camphor and eucalyptus and is similar to many of the upright rosemary varieties. The flowers are sky blue and cover the whole plant for much of the year.

When conditions are dry there are more flowers.

This creeping or ground cover form of rosemary makes a great showpiece in the garden or works well cascading down a enbankment or retaining wall. It will tolerate poor, dry soils, windy and coastal conditions as long as it has well drained soil and preferably full sun. As well as being highly ornamental, this rosemary is also suited to culinary use.

Can grow up to 25-50cm H x 1.2 – 2m W



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