Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata), also known as mother-in-law’s tongue and snake plant, is all time popular and desirable indoor plant. It is found it's way to many homes and indoor commercial venues, not for those flowers, but for its tall, rigid green and variegated leaves and its complete tolerance of neglect.

It grows from a rhizome, which helps it survive adversity, and can reach over 1.5m high, although it’s usually seen with leaves about 90cm long. Clumps can be 90cm wide.

Sansevieria enjoys bright light but not direct sun and needs watering only when the potting mix is dry. Fertilise in spring and wipe the leaves from time to time to remove any dust.

It needs to be repotted occasionally, as its tall leafy growth can get top heavy, causing it to topple over, and sometimes its expanding root system can split its container.

If this happens, it is time to invest in a new, larger pot and a fresh bag of potting mix such as a cactus and succulent mix. Top the pot with a layer of fine gravel to act as mulch.

At Shady Gum Garden Centre, we generally stock following varieties – please select option to check availability 

  • Laurentii – the most widely popular variety. It has flat dark green leaves with lighter patterning and golden stripes along the leaf edge. It grows to around 1m high.
  • Robusta – a compact form with broad, green leaves mottled with silver. It is a compact plant to around 40cm high.
  • Superba  – a compact form with broad patterned leaves. It grows to around 30cm high




Additional information

Additional information


Laurentii 20cm, Laurentii 18cm, Superba 15cm, Laurentii 25cm

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