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Welcome to Shady Gum Garden Centre Melbourne!

Our professionally-managed full-service gardening centre is more than just a business. For us it is the medium through which we help people beautify their homes and their lives. It is how we help Victorians create gorgeous outdoor and indoor gardens that reflect their personalities and aspirations – spaces that are well and truly theirs.

We don’t believe in resting on our laurels, even though we have already built a reputation as one of the finest Roxburgh Park garden centres. This is why we are continuously adding to our product stable and finding new ways to contribute to our community. And because we are passionate about gardening and all things nature, we aim to spread the joy of gardening and make everyone we meet a nature aficionado.

Our product portfolio: plants, seeds, flowers and much more!

Currently our product portfolio includes more than 600 products that cover the entire spectrum of gardening and home décor, from plants, seeds, pots, turf and fertilisers to garden furniture, décor items and even gifts.

We pride ourselves on our range of outdoor and indoor plants that is one of the broadest in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. So whether you’re looking for outdoor flowering plants or seeds for fruits and vegetables, we have them all. Some of our plants – bare root roses in particular – have even won awards! Come check out our Hybrid Tea, Mother’s Love, Floribunda and the gold medal-winning Fire & Ice – we promise these bare root roses will make your day!

Now, if you think that plants only belong outside, come over and we’ll change your mind! We offer a massive collection of indoor houseplants including Devil’s Ivy, Asparagus Fern, Fig Bonsai, Rubber plant and Monstera Deliciosa – whatever you need to match your home’s budget, décor and size!

We offer planters and fertilisers too!

And of course, where there are plants, can planters and fertilisers be far behind? Whatever your garden’s aesthetics and no matter which plants you have, we’re sure that we have the perfect pots for you. Drop in and explore pots, containers and planters in a variety of sizes, designs and materials for both outdoor and indoor plants. If you’re not sure what to buy, talk to our gardening experts. They will be more than happy to guide you.

Ask us about our range of natural and artificial turfs

If you’re just getting started with landscaping your outdoor garden, ask us about our range of natural turfs. Our most popular products include buffalo, Kikuyu, native, zoysia and couch turf. So if you want to set up a gorgeous-looking porch or lawn, Shady Gum is your perfect partner! Want to save water, money and maintenance effort? Then choose artificial turf/synthetic grass. Synthetic grass is easy to use, is almost unaffected by the weather and mimics the rich and verdant look of real grass in an amazing manner. For many years, Shady Gum has supplied high-quality artificial turf to Victoria’s homeowners, landscaping companies, golf courses and home gardeners. Ask us about our turf range, prices and customisable solutions.

Other products @ Shady Gum: Going beyond plants and seeds

Shady Gum is a one-stop gardening solution for budding gardenistas. But we are more than just a plant nursery or garden centre! We are also very proud of our collection of garden furniture, water fountains, statues (do ask for our Buddha and Ganesha statues!), wind chimes and home décor items (lanterns, sculptures, candles – check, check and check!). And you must try in-store our lavish collection of organic soaps, made right here in Melbourne!

Contact Shady Gum

At Shady Gum we believe that greener lives equal happier lives. That is why we are very proud of what we do. And our pride in our work is what makes us the premier Roxburgh Park garden centre! Call us at (03)9305 5900 or email us at info@shadygum.com.au for more information.

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