Backyard Space

Things to do with your extra backyard space

When you have some extra backyard space and don’t know what to do with it, the most obvious answer would be to start a garden.

But did you know there are an array of options to choose from apart from the obvious choices?

Nurseries near you offer different kinds of plants and accessorize to make your backyard look attractive.

Vegetable Garden

Okay, I agree, this is the most obvious choice on the list but planting a vegetable garden is very rewarding and beneficial. They are fun to maintain, you reap what you sow, unlike some gardens which are planted only for aesthetic appeal. You cannot sustain your entire family by growing vegetables in your backyard but you can reasonably reduce the strain on your pocket by planting tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. vegetables used in daily life.

If you are a beginner it is advisable to plant vegetables that require less monitoring and care and once you grow in confidence you can take on vegetables that are more difficult to cultivate.

Flower Garden

The other option for gardening is a flower garden. Almost everyone is appreciative of flowers and they are aesthetically very appealing. What is more fun with flowers, you have a myriad of options to choose from. There are ten thousand, if not millions, of different flower gardens you can possibly come up with. Some people have dedicated gardens for a particular type of flower, for example, rose, sunflower, orchids, tulips, etc. Other gardens are rather a mixed combination of flowers which can be an aphrodisiac of visual imagery.

Herbs Garden

It is said herbs are the easiest plants to grow in the world, either in the garden or in containers. Previously, herbs were planted for medicinal purpose but today’s modern herb gardens are used for entirely different purposes. You guessed it. They are used in cooking to add flavor to dishes and enhance them. Planting your own herb garden will ensure you will never be out of fresh and organic herbs. You can add these herbs to your favorite pasta dishes and other exotic dishes. It will be a proud moment when you will be able to use herbs such as basil, fennel, dill, parsley, rosemary, mint from your backyard and incorporate them into your dishes. Nurseries near you offer all kinds of herbs to get you started.

Greenhouse Garden

This is the most expensive garden to build on the list but hear me out! The reason they are expensive is you are literally building a home for your plants and with good reason because you can control the temperature, sunlight of those plants and grow them effectively. This method is adopted when under normal circumstances you can’t grow them or they aren’t in the season anymore. Greenhouse garden is mostly built by farmers and gardening aficionados but if this option has really piqued your interest then there are mini-greenhouse areas at the nurseries near you that make the greenhouse gardens relatively easy to use and affordable

There are many options to choose from, so, go with your gut, do your research, make a plan and in few months, you will have a beautiful garden to look at where you can enjoy a cup of tea without any interruption.

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