Worried about how to water your plants when you are away from home?

You have taken really good care of your plants for the last few months by watering your nursery plants daily and now you want to go out for a vacation with your loved ones or you have a business conference to attend for 3 days in a row. So how would you make sure that your plants which you have so well taken care of remain nice and blooming even when you are back? Your plants or your garden don’t really need a baby sitter or your neighbor because, we are going to tell you some really simple self-watering techniques to take care of your green babies, even the most susceptible ones. So while you are hitting on a beach next time you do not have to worry about water plants while away.

Here are some easy hacks on how to water plants while away:

Hack 1: Glass bottle

Make sure you keep that wine bottle when it’s empty. They are a great way to take care of plants and we will just tell you how. A beautiful design bottle will be even more creative and will add to your plant/garden décor. A bottle with a cap is important here. Cork will not work. This setup will hardly take 10-15 minutes of your time. Get rid of the plastic film from the cap’s inside and make a hole with the help of a nail and hammer. Create 3-5 small holes on the cap from inside. Fill the bottle with water leaving little space and put back the cap. Dig a small hole in the soil of the plant that you want to water. Now turn the bottle upside down (cap facing the soil) and place it into the hole you just dug. Refill after 4-5 days.

Hack 2: Drip System

As the name suggests in the water drip system, also known as a string drip system you are connecting your plants to a drip system using multiple cotton strings. This hack works really well if you are out for 2-3 weeks. It can be used for even longer if your external bucket is big. What’s good about this system is that it works for multiple plants at the same time. For this system to work, take some cotton ropes and cut it long or long enough to go deep into the soil. Get ropes for all plants that you want to water. Put one end of the soil some inches into the soil and make sure it stays inside the soil. The other end of the rope should be placed in a bucket that is filled with water. Start watering plants to start the process. This hack is great for people who have several plants.

Hack 3: Bath

Yes! You read it right. This hack is called as ‘bath’. We take a bath, you make your pets take bath and guess what, plants can bathe too. You can help your plants soak some water while you are away for a week. This system works best for tropical plants or the rooms that have less light. Fill up the sink with a good couple of inches of water. Also, lay a bath towel or anything that can support the vase. Make sure your plants have a good drainage system so that the roots can suck that water. This system suits well to water indoor plants while away.

We hope by now you have decided which hack is the best for you to water plants on vacation and you can relax while you are enjoying your vacation. The methods above are tested but if it fails or you think it does not work then better hire a plant sitter. Just give proper instructions to your plant sitter and your plants should go well. If you feel that the above hacks are not that easy then here is the list of plants that need little care and can remain bright even after a few weeks. You can put these out of direct sunlight to make it last longer. Some of the plants are:


  • Bamboo
  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Air plants
  • Money tree


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